Welkom bij Diëtistenpraktijk Andrea Boullart

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Uw diëtist

We are professionally qualified and regulated dietitians. I mainly see people with overweight and diabetes, high cholesterol, malnutrition and intestinal problems. In addition, Andrea specializes in eating problems in adults (including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating).

The title ‘dietitian’ protected by law.  Only those registered with the statutory regulator, the ‘Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici’ can use the title.


In my view, it is not ‘yet another meal plan’ but a way of life, a healthy(er) way of life. It also involves some psychological and emotional aspects. That means that your weight will not drop quickly, but that we also look at the factors that influence your eating behavior. If you know what your body’s internal cues are, you develop awareness and skills to listen to your body and have more results on the long term. 


In 2019 the insurance reimburses 3 hours of dietary advice from the basic insurance. Reimburses of the basic insurance is for persons older than 18 years old, at the expense of their statutory compulsory excess. For children until the age of 18 years old there is no expense of compulsory excess. If you have an additional insurance it is possible the insurance reimburses more than 3 hours of dietary advice. At www.zorgverzekeringswijzer.nl you can find an overview of all the additional insurances that reimburse dietary advice.

Not only overweight people can benefit from dietary advice from a dietitian. You can also consult a dietitian for underweight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, intestinal problems, COPD, high cholesterol, eating problems etc.

Together we work towards the goals that you find important. I will adjust the advice as much as possible to your situation and to your wishes, so that your goals are easier in reach. I support and guide in the maintenance of the diet. Changing eating habits can not be done over night.

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